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2 minggu

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

dua minggu dah berlalu..
masih lagi tiada berita dari kamu...
kemana saja kamu pergi..
tak kau bilang langsung kpd aku..
siapakah aku untukmu?
bukan ini janjimu padaku...
coba untuk memikirkan yang baik tentangmu..
tapi sukar rasanya..
bila yg ku pinta cuma kau sedikit..
langsung tak kau berikan...
langsung tak kau kotakan..
kau sudah berjanji..
namun kau mungkiri jua janji itu...
seperti yang lain..
seperti yang laiiiinnnnnnnn,......=(

back from travelling

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

its been a while since the last post..
well..i've been busy with marketing work..
went for travelling to south part of malaysia which is Kedah, penang and perak.
it was fun and tiring..
meets alots of new friend..
west malaysian people are very friendly and helpful..
event if they did not know you well.. my trip to south, i met hang nur..
i bet she is angry if i mention her name here..
but its ok..she deleted her blog anyway..
she wont read this crap.
from 4 nites in south i spent 3 nites with hang nur...
and also 2 nites with nana..her niece..
the trip is sooooo tiring...
oh..forgot to mention that i bought new shoes and dress for Curtin Dinner.. now i wont have to think wat to wear anymore..
well...oh btw..why i mention wm people are very friendly is that...
when i went for the first event in kubang pasu..
i met one IT S.E from UTP..
btw he's married..with 2 kids..
i only know his name Mr. i called him S…

nothing to display

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

was wanting to post..

but not sure what..

been opening the -post-create- for so long..

thinking of what to post..


ive been busy with omani student..

been assigned to be their nanny..

its tiring..

but.. yeah...its part of my work..


i need to put soome gap..

becoz..when i pampered them, they used to it..

and its hard for me to get away later..

these people are very kind..

but, yeah they need to learn how to live away from parents..

one day they sure..=)