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me and my swing mood

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

my mood kinda swing these few days..
perhaps my PMS are coming in these near future..
not sure why i felt empty..nigam byk keje kut..
no time for me and my spoiltness...
back from traveling i had a fever...
ask bugum to sent me to Hospital that nite.
i could not stand the heat inside me. so i asked him to sent me to the hospital.
luckily he was ok with that.
went back from Hospital around 1200.
got an mc certificate from the doctor. i didnt ask, she just gave
i slept the entire day. woke up, eat bfast, eat my medicine then sleep again. until i felt so much heat, i had to take my bath.. felt so fresh for a while then i went to sleep i felt like i recover my health back. btw.. when the AMO check me for the first time. he checked my blood pressure. it was low. he even checked me for 3 times. and the result were still the same. my body temperature was 37.7 .
i am feeling ok. not sure why my blood pressure was like that. lol..tot i only have fev…

its been a while

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

it has been a while since my last post.
not to sure
just came back to the office from my 13 day of traveling all over malaysia ( bulak kali jak)
13.. nice number rite?lol..
i like 13. not that i want my children sampai 13.. ramai ngat kut..was feeling unwell last nite and still i felt the same when i came first thing in the morning.
skipped my lunch. tot i would feel better after swallowing a water full of panadol s0luble...
been given a mask by my boss, just because she afraid that i will spread some 'love' in the office. lol. is almost time to go back.
i need some neck is hurt. =(

for better or for worst...

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

this should be my second post for March entries.
yesterday we had a long conversation.
a serious one i tell you...
when i said 'we' it refers to me and my love nigam
i just wanted him to know how i felt, when he lose his focus to what i am babbling at the moment, or what have i told him before...he loses his focus on everything that matter to him like studying, loitering, finding a part time job & etc..
it is really breaking my heart apart...but i chose to forgive him..
he may have done so many things that makes me mad and sometime crazy for him, but then again, he's just being him..that's all.. i liked him, love him now and will always do...
i am willing to share his sorrow and despair, and i would like to know that i am different..i am,..
he was afraid if all the girls are the same..yes..he may be correct bout that, but he forget that i am not a girl, i am a women now.
i am open to suggestions and criticism.. i accept people mistakes..i forg…


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

happy birthday me!!!!!!!!!!!Finally i am 25th years old...
am now a quarter century of age...=)
he was the first one wishes me that night.
patiently waiting for me to come back home after attending a dinner with Felicia & Ben.
blissful and fun dinner anyway at Sajian Warisan..
happy thru out the day yesterday...
surprised by NJ and Felicia, a birthday cake and a Versino Shoes. really awesome shoes btw.
later at night, bring out my cute housemates too McD and treat them dinner...
got a present from Eta..Patiently wait for my Birthday Card from My love...=)
Still otw...=)
anyway, later tonight we will be attending a bbq party at Wong sisters house.. yippie..
its gonna be awesome and fun...tomorrow will work half day..
owh...did i mentioned that State Financial Secretary are coming down to Curtin Tomorrow?
and i am the one who will be entertain him tomorrow. =)
now i am feeling like doing important thing... =)
anyway...nervous and curious bout tomorrow... wish me luc…