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Kochi, India (a short trip indeed)

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

it was my first to India. for work of course. we had a short International Agent conference held by Curtin Perth and i was fortunate to be chosen representing Curtin Sarawak.

Kochi or Cochin is a very historical city like Melaka i can say. it was conquered by Dutch long time ago. would not bored you with historical facts here.

people every where was nice to us. me and one of the Curtin reps from Nepal had a chance to roam around Cochin the whole day.

in the morning we start of with boating. it took us around 45 minutes to go to the place we called wharf. very small place tho. nearby the area are people selling key-chains and souvenir stuffs. Boating is actually sightseeing around the sea side by boat. we could see fisherman netting along the side, so called islands, and fort cochin as well.

next we went to Fort Cochin. nothing much there except for ruined fort ans people selling stuffs as well. and also we visited one historical churches and went to the…

Asia Music Festival Day 1 ( Music and People )

By Rihanna bukan nama sebenarSooo, how was the Asia Music Festival guys? Did you guys attended it? Well, I came on the first day. Actually I was looking forward to attend it this year. Since last year was epic!Many have said that this year #AsiaMF2014 attendees was lesser to compare to last year attendees. What would you guys say? Yay or nay? On certain degrees, I must agreed! But last year I do remember that we have big bikers show. I think that have contributed to the bigger crowd last year. Further to that we have local band performing on day 1 & 2 such as the Starlets band and Mountain band. And we have Sarawak local talent such as Melissa Francis and Hevance band. Not forgetting Bob Yusuf too. I think that really  attract the local people to come.This year, STB have offered free shuttle service from four locations. But it seems like Miri people did not think that is attractive. Wish I knew why? Hmmm.. Anyway Hari Raya Haji holidays might have contributed to this lesser crowd …

Asia Music Festival II in October!!!!! MADnificient!!

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Asia Music Festival is here again in Miri. Are you guys ready for the awesome, mad and sick music??? And by sick i mean, eargasmic music!!!
it is going to happen again on the 3rd and 4th of October this year. So sorry to post this quite near to the date. but this is the only time that i can sit and post about this awesome awesome awesome event!
i have attended the first one last year. Where it is actually the first ever STB (Sarawak Tourism Board) gathered Asian performers or musician to perform on this particular event.
This time around, I promise all of you music fan out there that is going to be MaDnificient. why the big D? coz its gonna be MAD!!!!!
Check out their official website to know more bout the lined up performers on these 2 days! here i quoted from one press releases that i have received:
"Asia Music Festival promises an extraordinary weekend of fun, music and more, against the stunning backdrop of the venue, Eastwood Valley Golf & Count…

Updates: me, Africa, Belaga, car and works.

Hey, Whenever there is update here there will be a lot of photos with it. I love photo taking however the quality is not that impressive tho. Just as something that I can share with viewers outside there. Now I am proud to tell you that I have been to Africa. Went there just last 2 weeks and came back last week. Africa is a big continent. So to be exact I went to Zimbabwe to attend an education fair and recruitment event. Before I off to Zimbabwe, me and my colleague had a little gathering. Doa selamat katenye. Lol. But yeah we had a fun time together. Nothing I want the most at that point of time. A bunch of colleague that I can call family. Apart from that, there are places in Sarawak itself that I have never been to. So this time I have the chance to visit Belaga with awesome bunch of people from other university and company. Again, to attend a techincal education carnival. Further updates is on my car interior and exterior. Ahaaa.. my friend helped me to spray my car's inte…