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Busy busy busy

It has been 3 months since my last post. Whoooaa....
Nonstop travelling. Nonstop event. Nonstop socializing. Huhu.. it is time to post something here. Few words even.Lol.Anyway, Gawai holiday is coming soon.Am planning to go back hometown. A lot of things and incident happen since last February. Literally,  a lot. Turned 27 this year. Been admitted to hospital. Accident. Met a guy and he made my heart broken. More job portfolio. I just loooooooooove my life. Lalalalala..Life . that's life. That's normal right ?I wanted to story about all things that had happened to me in this one page but I think it would be like a series of tragic and hectic drama. So I think I shouldn't post about that. Lol. But I posted all photos that I took during all these awesome moments. You guys enjoy ya !!!Anyway, anyhow life must go one. Move forward they say. Yeah... I am going to do that.Be free. Keep fresh. Be positive.  Be inspire.Till me next post pepo! Love hate