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The kind of man that I married to

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

I can't sleep so I thought of posting this up. I seldom brag about it but I am actually proud of it.

When I first decided to get married with this man, I didn't expect my life would be that colorful knowing that this man that I knew is a very quiet and mysterious type.

But God knows better. I couldn't wish for a better husband. He is the one that I needed. That meant for me.

Lately when we are together, be it when he come to Miri to visit me or me going back to Bintulu for long holiday, he will take his phone whenever he got chances and take photos of us.

Even if I look like a seal or sea lion, he would say, baby cantik. And I would reply,  no la, am just ordinary.

To be honest the photos of us that he took, the only one look nice and handsome is him. I would look like dugong. Doesn't matter what pose I did, eating, lying down, watching movie (most of the time is running man) he will snap 'em silently.

When he got caught I ask, why y…

Surprise Birthday present ever for Hubby

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Mind you,  i just came back from Zimbabwe on Tue (2nd Aug) and it was super super hectic schedule when i was there. Almost everyday we went back at night time and departing very early in the morning. i have to sleep at Dubai  airport for one night. I have to tell you,  i hate Dubai airport. It never sleeps.

Coming back i have to spent one more night at KL before departing back to Miri. Hectic it is. Very the.

So,  on the 6th of Aug,  my beloved husband celebrated his 32nd birthday.  And I was 2 weeks late for my period.

We did plan to check on 6th Aug morning. he came to Miri that night using bus. And i went to fetch him. Earlier that day,  i went to pharmacy after work and bought 2 pregnancy test cassette. And i also changed my gas since i have run out of it.

I carried and empty tong and after i changed them at retail store,  i went back home and carry back inside the house. (Iklan)

So on the next morning,  before i shower i took my urine and test. Put…

The truth

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Honestly, I hate going public about this.
But I think I have to.

Here goes.

Everyone knows I got engaged last year on my birthday. But not everyone know who the guy was. Because I didnt upload our photo together. He was my senior in high school.

Well, couple of friends might have bumped into us in the past. But I didnt know the news spreaded fast after that. Lol.

I did informed some of my friends. Some. Lol

I didn't want people to know yet at that time as I myself was not so sure about it.

The next day after I got engaged I have to fly to Sibu and later that day travel to Kapit. We were going to have an education fair on the 3rd Mar due to SPM result release day.

So on that day,  I met this one guy. A very quite and very mistery guy. Caught me on my first sight at him. Surely because of his goatie and moustache. In my heart. Just my type. But I didnt act further tho coz I was engaged remember? But,  Allah plan is great.

I was looking for someone who…

Sebulan bergelar Puan

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

14 June 2016.  Alhamdulillah genap sebulan menjadi isteri Azrol. Banyak yang saya belajar tentang dirinya. Makanan yang dia suka, topik cerita yang dia 'masyuk', kemanjaannya,  pendek kata semualah. Tapi tu belum semua lagi. Sebab pada puasa ke 8,  saya terpaksa balik ke Miri untuk sambung bekerja. InshaAllah berjumpa lagi sebelum raya tiba.

Yang paling rindu bila berjauhan ni,  solat bersama,  makan bersama,  masak bersama,  pendek kata semuanya bersamalah.

Masa nikah hari tu,  ustaz Khalidi ada cakap,  "walaupun isteri kitak ya sekolah agama,  tauk sal agama,  jangan kitak pikir kitak sik perlu ngajarnya  pasal agama. Mesti ajar. " Alhamdulillah kami banyak belajar bersama.

Banyak masa kami spend untuk dating dan ada juga masa kami spend melawat mak dan adik2 abg & anak buah kat rumah emak saya.  Tak lupa juga keluarga suami di kpg jepak.

Pertama kali puasa sebagai isteri memang banyak tanggungjawab.  Walaupun saya tak ada masala…

Aku terima nikahnya dengan Mahar yang tersebut

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Sengaja kali ini tajuk entry di taip dalam bahasa melayu. 
Kebiasaannya entry di sini dalam bahasa inggeris. 
Kita ubah,  ini kalilah. 


Alhamdulillah,  pada tarikh 14 May yang lalu,  sekitar jam 10.30 pagi telah sah saya menjadi isteri kepada jantung hati saya Encik Azrol. Lelaki ajnabi yang saya kenal kurang dari setahun tetapi setelah beberapa kali istikharah, saya yakin saya adalah untuknya, dan dia adalah untuk saya. 

Dengan sekali lafaz, kami sah menjadi suami isteri. Bermulalah tanggungjawab saya sebagai isteri dan dia sebagai suami. Semoga kami bisa mengharungi apa pun cabaran hidup, apa pun dugaan dalam berumah tangga. 

Sesekali saya teringat pada hari saya dinikahkan, perasaan rindu saya pada arwah abah saya kembali bertandang. Wakil wali saya, adik saya sendiri, adik beradik yang lain, emak saya serta ahli keluarga yang lain pun turut merasa rindu pada arwah. Saya perhati juga tetamu yang datang turut melinangkan air mata d…

Getting married I am!

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Yep. The last post was like a year ago. Been busy with works and life.

These days have not have time to even updates my blog.

Suddenly the new entry is about me getting married? I know right???

Anyway yeah am getting married. To a guy I just met a year ago. Surprise? Lol

I dont really care anyway. I seek the guidance from Him above. I know what I felt. I know my feelings to him is true and honest. He makes me feels like am the only women on earth. I cant make you, you or you understand right?

The ceremony will be next month the 14th. There are going to be 2 ceremonies which we cant really avoid. I felt a bit frustrated coz we were planning to make it as simple as possible. I know it's not gonna be easy since he was originally from Kpg Jepak. Things are normally culturally based over there. So I cant really help it. Have to ok?

Plus he is the first born in his family and the first one to get married as well. He is 32 this year. So you can imagine how…