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1 hour to live.

we were having this recruitment session at bintang mall and we (me and my cabbage head friend) had a nice chat bout life. she asked me to read a lovely poem in this book she read. i read and i passed it back to her. it is lovely and sweet.meaningful and honest. at the last page of this book its written "if you were to have 1 more hour to live, who would you call and why, and why are you waiting? ". so she ask me if i have time why not post a blog entry on "if you were to have 1 more hour to live, who would you call, and why and why are you waiting? "at first i didnt get what she meant. then i requested to read the question in that book.only then i understood here goes. if i only have 1 hour to live i would call my mom. why? i believe i have failed her, and i just wanted to apologize for it. i failed her in many ways that you can imagine. i failed her by being me. i failed her by simply walk away from home. i failed her by not being able to be what she wanted…