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holiday...hurry up..

original by cikjijah

i just wan a holiday... arggghhh so penat liaw.. i wan to have a rest after all of these work.. much to do man.. but..i manage to get things done.. thats a thumbs up for me rite? aargghh..but still got more to do.. to survey price for that beverage... to collect speakers slide.. to compile them in the laptp.. to prepare the welcome pack and training pack.. aiseh.. byk nyer bende nkn kene wat ni.. adtuiyai..

too much to share..

original by cikjijah

sharing is caring..
we share we care..
thats some quote that i heard before..
yah.its true..
we share, means we care bout that person or something..

but the things other people care like we do?
thats the problem peeps...
when we are willing to share evrything with them..
they just dunno how to say thank you..
they just forgot to share what they have with us..

then whats the purpose of sharing then?
you share, i care?
go to hell #$@#@..
this is shit ^$%#..
i never ask for things %%#$..
a simple thank you is always enough..i believe that..
but..can you say it?
never heard one from you..

you know wat?
you just a selfish &%^%
go to market and just sell some fish then..
pain in the %$^
sharing makes my life miserable..
ya..when somebody didnt know how to appreciate it..
dun you think?

i've never met someone like you la...&%^%^
hopefully you repent..
just before its too late..


original by cikjijah

tell me now.. why its important for you? why its affect you these much? if im the one who told those things to you..would you listen? huh..would you? i dont thing its wrong.. nope..not at all.. you just think too much.. too much bout what others would say.. what others would do.. how others will react.. screw them.. if i care what others would say bout me.. you probably wouldnt see me now.. you probably wouldnt know me now.. why? why me? why you? why they? or is it wrong what i'm babbling here,, was it? or was it not? argghh.. couldnt sleep well last nite.. keep on asking myself.. what have i done to you and myself? why i react like that to what have you say to me.. gosh.. soooooo tense... sooo damn tense..

am i good or am i bad?

original by cikjijah
you decide that.. i dunno where i stand.. people do judge me by my face,,rite? they wouldnt know the inner part of me.. well if they knew, than i guess they are really good then.. i cant judge myself.. who am i who want to judge my self?
i always do bad thing to people.. i always talk bad bout other no good.. but..are u? lets think a while.. u drink u drunk.. n yet u r nice too... does that made u bad? u pray u kind to other people.. but u talk bad bout them.. does that made u good?
think,think.think people.. we only got a chance to live.. live wisely. live happily. do not care bout other people's bad or good. just live like u want. why bother other people's life? does they give u money to care bout them.. if yes then do it. if no, just leave it. rite? or wrong? u decide. we all are happen to be the most greatest creatures of God. we use wat God gives to us wisely ya.. make full use of it..
original by cikjijah
home.. place like no other.. tp kalo lama sgt d rumah sesak nafas juge ye haha sesekali nk jgak balik yelah melepas rindu kat umah ni suma kngn ada biarpun baru sikit.. yelah..baru pndh 2 3 taun yg lepas.. anyway.. rase sgt relieve dlm ati ni.. haha.. ye la atleast blk umah takdela buang duit pi sana pi sini.. dh tu mak bleh bg duit plak.. haha besh nye la dok umah ni.. haha mcm dok kat bank plak kan? kahkahkah.. tp ape2 pon (typical gilerrrrrrrrr..) ati seng skit ar.. btw.. baru je balik umah ase nk p anta brg balik ke miri..byk gile brg nk d tapau.. adtuiyai.. maciem mane ni.. tak tau pulak keta si rose tu muat ke tidak ngn sume2 brg tu.. aduh2.. harap2..muat lah yer.. hhahah.. more things to say here,,juz enjoy the short holiday jer.. daaa y'all..

nothing to display

original by cikjijah

esok.. balik ke bintulu naik bas tapi.. nanti sure penat sbb ari ahad drive balik miri so tak tau nak cakap apa sbb mmg memenatkan ..