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Getting married I am!

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Yep. The last post was like a year ago. Been busy with works and life.

These days have not have time to even updates my blog.

Suddenly the new entry is about me getting married? I know right???

Anyway yeah am getting married. To a guy I just met a year ago. Surprise? Lol

I dont really care anyway. I seek the guidance from Him above. I know what I felt. I know my feelings to him is true and honest. He makes me feels like am the only women on earth. I cant make you, you or you understand right?

The ceremony will be next month the 14th. There are going to be 2 ceremonies which we cant really avoid. I felt a bit frustrated coz we were planning to make it as simple as possible. I know it's not gonna be easy since he was originally from Kpg Jepak. Things are normally culturally based over there. So I cant really help it. Have to ok?

Plus he is the first born in his family and the first one to get married as well. He is 32 this year. So you can imagine how…