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by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

suke tgk gmbr org kawen..
tapi mase aku blum tiba lagi...
kita mungkin mampu merancang..
tapi tuhan yg tentukan segalenye nanti...
same de jadi atau tidak..
tapi..kali ini..aku berdoa..
harap, inilah yg terakhir..
benar2 yg terakhir..
harapan mungkin tinggi ...
usaha juga tinggi untuk yg kali ini...
semangatku juga tggi utk yg kali ini..
harap2 memang yang ini...=)
aku tak mencari..
dia dtg sendiri..
aku tak menggoda..
hanya sekadar bertanya khabar berita..
tak sgka dia terpaut pula...
mmglah hatiku gembira..
tak terkata rasanya..
hanya Tuhan yg lebih mengetahui..
aku suka dia..
aku syg dia..
aku juga cinta dia...
jelas sekali hatiku benar..
dalam diam menyukainya semasa zaman sekolahku..
walau baru sekarang aku bisa mendapatkannya..
namun aku puas dengan kehendak Tuhan..
aku redha ianya berlaku pada masa sekarang..
aku tak mahu menjadi sebahagian dari cinta monyetnya..
biarlah ia menjadi sejarah antara kami..
aku mahu menjadi yg terakhir untuk dirinya..

3 hari lagi

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

tggl 3 hari lagi sbelum bertemu si dia..=)

the white sheep

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

i rather be the black sheep,
than be the white sheep whom people will refer to when only they need something,
every time they need something they will ask from me,
like every time...
i'm just tired to be a person that others always depend on,
i'm just hoping that they learn how to live independently,
when i give excuses, they refuse to listen..
like i cant give any excuses..
like i must be there to help them..
i have no life...
i have no life of my own...
like i cant go anywhere without being follow...
the shadow of me...
i'm tired of pleasing other people heart's..
what about mine? any takers?
i could not 'take heart' to everything..
yes, i'm a forgiver, does not mean i'm easy to please...
it's just,sometime i felt like it is my duty to do so..
i understand the responsibility..
that's why i'm here..helping..
that's why i am here, giving...
giving the best out of me...
giving everything that i have ..
to the people i care for.. =…

i'm blessed

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

i feel very blessed,
i have good friends,
i have a loving BF,
have 'finally' good siblings,
tho they are still lacking of few things here and there,
i still feel blessed,
God gave them all to me.
thanks God.

back to office

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

off for traveling to Bintulu and Limbang last week..
just came back to the office last Tuesday..
went for recruitment session on the same day and Wednesday..
only can sit comfortably on the office chair on Thursday..
which is my duty roaster day...
my trip was a bit exhausting..but..the business is quite good.
flight from Limbang to Miri was a bit scary tho..
it was a rainy with windy clouds..
gosh...i tot i will never sit here again... i am...
not sure wat else to post here...
but im sure i cant wait to go to kuch end of this month..

Literally happy

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

this post goes to whom it may concern..
it's raining outside..
and it's past 5.00pm and i'm still in the office..
been opening this post entry since 4pm today..
only now i have the idea to post something... goes..
yes..i'm happy..
literally happy because i'm yours by..
words could not really define how i am falling for you.. i've mentioned earlier..
i waited for soooo long..
but of coz, in my waiting,
i met few guys..
few nice and bad ass guys..
all of these men..
made me what i am today..
i dont blame them for what they have done..
it is my decision after all..
my decision to be with them..
but, i didnt regret meeting them..
coz all of them thought me the lesson that i've learn today..
i'm thankful to God..
he made us chat that nite..
i mean..i dunno what come into me..
was happy when you reply the chat started with 'hi'
and still happy today..
think im happier now..
i promise to never talk about the past...

just another day

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

was crying like crazy yesterday,
and decided to take half day leave,
again, coming late in the afternoon,
at least now i feel a bit ok...
thanks By...thanks for accepting me like this..
its just hard for me to get thru dis all alone..
i need you to be by my side in my ups and downs..
and you were there..
listening to all my "stupid" story before..
hopes thing between us remain forever..
i'm just getting tired,
each time i tried to get to know somebody who i consider nice,
i mean in term of attitude towards other people and God...
and each time i'll be hurt...
im not finding this type of man because i want to, i just want my mom to be happy..
but the thing is, i dont...
and every time i started to love this type of people,
every time they let me down..
but now i learnt something..
as per advice by mahader and zain, =)
whom i consider as my bro..
dont trust nice people easily...
By...thanks for always being there for me..

emotional day

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

it was told to me by kak Salia..
that actually Adi is around miri..
but i didnt get his call or msgs..
i felt like being dump for no reason..
did i do something wrong?
which part?
i'm so hurt knowing the fact that he is here, but he's not to me..
in one part,
i was relieved.
finally i can say to myself..move on yan..
walaupun dalam masa yg singkat..
coz all the waiting before, is worthless..
everything was, in the first place..
yes, i admit, what i did was right..
not to wait for person doesn't want me at all..
but what hurt me the most is..
all the promises he made..
and all the promises that i agreed to..
it all hurt..really...

Working on weekend

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

just get back from Brunei yesterday,
have a bit fun,
never expect that the turn out of the participant would be convincing..
after all, this is my first event in Brunei..
feel proud of myself..
i hope somebody will also do..
on our back from Brunei,
we got lost for 30 minutes...
that's why we arrived at 2.30 pm yesterday in Miri..
it was fun even we all got lost at that time..
we where laughing and talking in the car..
like nothing actually happen..
helped each other trying to find way...'s fun..
feel very excited for my next trip to Brunei..
oh yeah.. BTW im the one who drove the car...haha
and that's my first time driving to Brunei since my last 2 trip...
=) ok la what kan?

22 November 2011

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

on this date..
it marks the day that i finally be his official girl..
i like that..
been waiting for this from a long time before..
i could not express how i am actually feeling at this time..
i dunno and i dun understand why i can have this feeling towards a person that i
have crush on him from so long before..
i mean, how can i have a feeling to a person who does not care or wanna know about me at all when i was in school..?
and i never delete those feeling i have for him for such a long time..
its just, everytime i want him, he always have somebody beside him.., he is finally mine, and I'm his.
I'm happy happy..=) i hope we will be happy forever..
never knew what God had for us..right?

This is our story

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

now here is another story,

you can say that i am a playgirl or humanizer ..

but i didnt choose for that..

i always keep my faith to a particular man..

but every time i was been let down..

i didnt choose to move on so quickly..

but this one man come at the time i really need somebody to talk to..

nothing personal to that..

he's just a friend that i adore when i was in my teenage age..

i always have feeling on him..

but ya...he was always taken...

every time i tried to talk or chat with him,

he will treat me as his friend..

and that's good..

that just show how much he love his girl..

and always salute that.. i know he is a loyal person..

that's why i didnt dare to court him..

that just me..i didnt take or flirt someone's belonging...

and.. i move on...trying to find someone else...

until one day, it was confirm that he is single...

i started a chat with him...

and in 1 day..he fall for me?really?

i was like adoring him from past what, 13 y…
by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

lets talk bout something general...

like attitude management..

well, to be brief, attitude can be divide into 2.

works and personal..

in works, always we heard to have positive attitude..

yah..that's easy when you work in new company,

but when you worked for so long in the same company,

sooner or later you would felt bored and started to have the negative attitude problem,

every little things people do or done, you felt mad about it..

there is nothing wrong if we are having this attitude actually,

ya, i agreed to that because, its just the time for you to move one to another good company,

which may be bigger that the current,

dont you think?

the other attitude management is the personal one.

this one, depend on individu..

some may be a bit hard to change..

some are adjustable..

positive or not,

both have advantages and disadvantages..

of course the advantages would be different depend on person..

well, for me..

im very acceptable person...

i am honest with my feeling and …

the decision

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

now that i have decided this way..
there is no way for you to enter back..
ya..i really mean it..
coz i'm tired now..
too tired to argue..
u agreed but broke the agreement...
now that we come to this day..
i hope you understand..
i was hurt..
hurt too much..
you knew how much i was been hurt before..
now you have done the same..
and i hope you understand why i made this decision..
i would not wait for you anymore..
and that's final..
allow me to sleep peacefully after this..
lots of love...

silap aku...

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

dan kini aku terfikir..
mungkin aku yg tersilap di sini
menginginkan lelaki yg faham segala segi diri ini
sedangkan aku tak fahami isi hati mereka..
mungkin aku yg tersilap..
kerana terlalu mementingkan hubungan ini..
ya...karna aku takut..
takut diriku bersendirian...
aku jadi malas..
bila jejaka yg aku inginkan ada saja kurangnya..
bukan dari segi fizikal..
tapi komitmen..
cuma itu yg ku mahu..
tapi bersediakah mereka..
telah ku tanya dahulu berkenaan dengan itu,,..
awalannya...memang terjawab dgn begitu gah,,
namun pada akhirnya...
sma juga...
mungkin aku yang salah..
menginginkan yg sempurna dari yang tak sempurna..
mungkin aku yang salah..

kekecewaan hari ini....

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

dan karena inilah aku ...
seorang wanita..
menutup hatiku untuk kaum lelaki..
kali ini lebih sakit...
kerana tiada air mata lagi yg bisa ku tangiskan untuk dia..
kenapa harus aku yang ditimpa kesakitan ini...
sudah muak untuk aku fikirkan tentang ini..
biar masa saja menyembuh segala...

2 minggu

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

dua minggu dah berlalu..
masih lagi tiada berita dari kamu...
kemana saja kamu pergi..
tak kau bilang langsung kpd aku..
siapakah aku untukmu?
bukan ini janjimu padaku...
coba untuk memikirkan yang baik tentangmu..
tapi sukar rasanya..
bila yg ku pinta cuma kau sedikit..
langsung tak kau berikan...
langsung tak kau kotakan..
kau sudah berjanji..
namun kau mungkiri jua janji itu...
seperti yang lain..
seperti yang laiiiinnnnnnnn,......=(

back from travelling

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

its been a while since the last post..
well..i've been busy with marketing work..
went for travelling to south part of malaysia which is Kedah, penang and perak.
it was fun and tiring..
meets alots of new friend..
west malaysian people are very friendly and helpful..
event if they did not know you well.. my trip to south, i met hang nur..
i bet she is angry if i mention her name here..
but its ok..she deleted her blog anyway..
she wont read this crap.
from 4 nites in south i spent 3 nites with hang nur...
and also 2 nites with nana..her niece..
the trip is sooooo tiring...
oh..forgot to mention that i bought new shoes and dress for Curtin Dinner.. now i wont have to think wat to wear anymore..
well...oh btw..why i mention wm people are very friendly is that...
when i went for the first event in kubang pasu..
i met one IT S.E from UTP..
btw he's married..with 2 kids..
i only know his name Mr. i called him S…

nothing to display

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

was wanting to post..

but not sure what..

been opening the -post-create- for so long..

thinking of what to post..


ive been busy with omani student..

been assigned to be their nanny..

its tiring..

but.. yeah...its part of my work..


i need to put soome gap..

becoz..when i pampered them, they used to it..

and its hard for me to get away later..

these people are very kind..

but, yeah they need to learn how to live away from parents..

one day they sure..=)

why are we still friend?

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

this post goes to you.
yeah you.
im just curious..
why did you wanna still being my friend if you decide to get rid of me?
just block me or remove me from your friend list....
rather than block me from posting to your wall.right?
still..i can contact you rite?
well..thats the only part that i dont ustd bout you..
i can ustd. you dont have to treat me nice you know.
after all..
im nothing to you no more..
yes.. i knew it earlier..
but i don give it damn at first..
coz..maybe its the best..
i'm not that cheap..begging you to come back to me just like that.. least.. im just being honest at first..asking why all of sudden..without no discussion you wanna let me go..
after all..i'm not the one who start the flirting right?
i know you are the good man..and still will be..
i felt so frustrated yet i'm happy for you..because u can finally do wateva u wan now..
wanna know sumthing? i think i'm happy like without feels...awesome..
maybe it…

merajuk kunun...

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

baru je nk merajuk sebulan..
org tu dtg bawa 4 cokelet n satu kotak besar low fat milk..
cokelet dh la mcm2 jenis.. snicker, kitkat 2 size and zip cadbury..
haha...tak jadi lah nk majuk cmni..
spent few hours together..
jadinye...lewatla aku masuk opis..hahha..
ade ku kesah?
well..things happen in a way that you can never thought of..
i love ady more and more..
more n more n more than chipsmore..

anger yesterday

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)


was my upset day..

marah sangat..

til i could sent 1 msg like that to him..


dia sakit..kene inject..

then tertido..

tak bgn2 smpi pagi tadi..

late 11am baru kol...

huhuhu..terok kan?i

it was like..hmmm

sorry yang..

i knew i was blindly in love with you..

that's y i knew that im no match for you..

you were so kind..

so lovely..

so so so so....baik punyer...

and for no reason..

you dissappear from my frame..

i tot..u were making excuses..

just like all the men..

and wallla...

i was wrong..

you are totally different..

i can 'smell' that..=)

i can no longer assume bad things bout you..

works has been the most challenging part for both of us..

thats y..i need to learn the fact that..

you are working for us..

and i will to..for the time being..hehe..

love much bi..

i will control my anger k..

that's a promise...

hanya Aku

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

kita bukan lagi kita...

itu apa yg aku rasa...

mungkin kesibukan kerja membantutkan rasa kasih yg melimpah di antara kita..

itu tak mengapa..

itu cuma halangan untuk kita..

jangan kau merasa jauh..

kerna itu apa yg aku rasai..

kerna aku takut hilangnya kamu..

kamu yg terakhir untuk ku..

biar kamu lah yg terakhir..

kerana jika bukan kamu,

aku tak mahu siapa2 lagi..

sudah puas untuk aku menerima kehadiran lelaki..


kamu berbeda..

melayan aku tetap saja baik walau mood ku terkadang terumbang ambing..

selalu sja berlembut walau tika aku hilang waras terhadap cinta kita..

adakalanya ku terasa cinta kita seperti kusam dan tiada cahaya..

tapi apa yg ku tak sedari, itulah dia cahaya kita ..

kesederhanaan dalam bercinta...

kamu yg mengajar aku erti itu...

terima kasih Ady..

kamu, lelaki yang baik..

mencintai aku pada burukku dan kurangku..

terima kasih cinta dariku,

buat kamu yang ku cintai selalu..

i eat your shit!!!!!

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

we stand on the same ground,
doesnt mean we eat the same food,
we sit on the same bench,
doesnt mean we are friend
we lie down on the same grass,
doesnt mean we are having the same opinion,
we agree to the same politician,
doesnt mean we would agree to each others ideas,
you made a shit, ask me to clean in up?
think again la ....


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Raya tahun ni agak sederhana..

tak tahu kenapa tapi budak2 tak ramai yg dtg menziarahi

angpau raya maseh banyak yg lebeh...

aku pulang ke Miri pada raya ke - 5..

sambung beraya di Miri pula...

anehnya di Miri kurang kedengaran budak2 bermain mercun...

di Bintulu masih lagi meriah kalau nk di comparekan..

any way.. raya tahun ni tak de gmbr pihak lelaki..

so..itu aja gambar nyeewww......

makin hari makin sayang

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)
tak lama g nak raye so aku pun balik la pada hari jumaat iaitu semalam si dia me'volunteer'kan diri utk menemani aku balik.. (sanggup plak dia balik ke miri dgn bas tadi) agak terharu dengan sifat gentlemannya itu.. sekali lagi dia buat aku terharu...'huhu.. aku tertanya2 dengan diri sendiri... apakah aku sedang bermimpi...? mendapatkan seorang lelaki yang sanggup berkorban apa adanya... semalam dia mengahdiahkan kek lapis buatan nya sendiri kepada kami sekeluarga.. bleh tahan gak air tangan si dia... hehe.. almaklum la..aku ni bukan tangan kek2 n biskut2 ni aku mmg tak minat nk wat... aktiviti hari ini..bangun je awal pagi.. aku dan si dia pergi melawat kubur abah... then balik semula ke rumah, mak takde...keluar jap.. kami tunggu mak.. tiket bas tak beli lagi... ke sian si dia..nak jugak tunggu mak balik.. pelik pulak rasanya kalau balik gitu je..katenye... so...tunggu la mak sampai balik... cit cat, si dia meminta diri untuk balik... then, ka…

new marketing team

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

now..its been long time since my last post about works.
we reshuffle our team..
before, i was responsible for Miri region recruitment together with mr. Simon...
i have my own region..
and that is Brunei market..
and still i have to support ah moy chen2 with Miri market...
i consider this as a new challenge..
that is to it..
i know boss saje je letak brunei under me...
maybe she saw me macam tak buat banyak keje je kan..hahaha
wateva boss...

benar-benar aku terharu

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

satu persatu kau membuat ku terharu..

dan setiap kalinya kau membuat aku tersenyum sendiri...

kau muncul di saat aku hilang kepercayaan terhadap cinta lelaki..

kau hadir di saat aku tidak lagi mendambakan kasih sayang lelaki..

dan pada saat itu,

dalam sepantas waktu saja kau tawan hatiku..

lagi dan lagi..

kau terus menerus saja menawan hati ni..

kan ku kata apa lagi padamu?


kau benar2 telah membuka kembali hati yg telah ku kunci utk lelaki..

ku doa selepas yg terakhir itu..

agar dikurniakan lelaki yg bisa menerima buruk baiknya aku...

agar dianugerahi lelaki yg memahami agama namun tetap saja membahagiakan aku..

sejujurnya....kamu mmg menepati ciri2 itu..

realiti atau mimpikah ini?

benar2 aku takut kiranya semua ini hanya tipu belaka..

benar2 aku risau ini sekadar mainan tidurku hanya..

ku harap kau adalah dia..

insan yg aku pohon pada Illahi..

insan yg bisa membahagiakan aku..

insan yg mampu membimbing aku...

meraih redha Illahi..

this kind of man

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

to tell you all the truth,

i have never met this kind of men,

yeah its true..

most of men that i encountered before,

none of them are like him..

one that sacrifice everything and anything for you,

you know...

trying to be there when you need him...

one that, when you tell them that you are hungry in the middle of the night, he will definately make a delivery to your door, despite the rain or storm...

how can that not melt your coldest heart? tell me..

one that can accept anything bad you say about you to him, and he said, 'thank you for being honest and i still love you and the love not even decrease at all and yet it's increase because you are being honest with me..'

and i ask you again, how can that not melt your damn coldest heart?

i thought that he will deny me as what i am to him today when i told him bout what had happen to me all these while...

why i am acting like i doesnt even care anymore...

why i make myself stupid for a stupid reason...

lemas dan rimas

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

pernah sekali aku menceritakan tentang seorang kawan di blog "cerita aku dan kamu"

tapi blog itu telah ku delete atas sebab2 yg tidak dapat di atasi

berbalik kepada cerita kawan ini

pada mulanya aku senang dengan sikap keterbukaannya

sekali dua dia mengajak ku makan atau keluar

aku ia kan sahaja kerna bagiku kami sekadar teman sepersekolahan

namun kejadian makan luar ini justeru menjadikan aku kurang senang

aku sahaja yg di ajaknya keluar makan

malahan sanggup pula setiap kali dia mengajak aku pergi, dia pasti membelanjaku

aku trus menerus rasa kurang enak

sehingga satu hari salah seorang teman baik ku memberitahu aku bahawa dia sudah mempunyai teman istimewa

sungguhpun dia sudah mempunyai teman istimewa

aku tidak pernah merasakan perasaan kasih mahu pun sayang ke atas nya, jauh pula jatuh cinta

ada saja alasannya untuk bertemu

jahit seluar la, pinjam buku la, makan mcd la...

aku semakin rimas.. semakin lemas..

risau pula, apa tindakan aku mel…

aku miliknya

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

baru sebelas hari berlalu sedari aku mengenali dia

tapi dia telah berjaya mencuri hatiku

yg dulu pernah parah di satu masa

di toreh insan yg bernama lelaki

aku jadi putus asa buat sementara

lelah hendak mencari lagi

kataku, biarlah ia datang sendiri

memang benar-benar dia datang sendiri

dikenalkan oleh teman sekerja ku

tak ku sangka dia mahu juga mengenaliku

padahal, aku tidaklah seperti sangkaannya...

yang pasti, kini aku sangat dan amat menyayangi makhluk Tuhan ini..

walau terlambat, ku harap dia dapat menerimaku apa adanya..

bila tibanya waktu kelak, akan ku khabarkan kepada semua..

siapa jejaka itu..waktunya..belum pantas lagi..=)

kawan baru

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

lelaki ini ingin ku introduce kan dengan para pembaca blog murahan ku ini..
agak excited
sebab baru berjumpa nya semalam
sehari seblom puasa
he's name will be confidential at the moment..
to whom who may know this guy name
i hope you all would not mention it here..
and that if there are anyone outside there who know la..

lelaki ini..
suaranya di telefon agak kebudak2an..
mengambil berat sisi agama..
mengingatkan aku ttg solat..
tidak berbicara ttg perkara yg tidak sepatutnya..
menghormati penampilan aku apa adanya..
wpun blum lama mengenali diri masing2..
dia ku rasakan mempunyai niat yg baik..
mungkin sekarang aku mhormati dia sbagai kenalan atau teman..
tapi aku benar2 ikhlas dalam bersahabat dengannya...
ku cuma takut, keikhlasannya yg sementara..

kerna bukan sekali ku berjumpa jenis lelaki sepertinya...
aku cuma takut, perasaan ini di permainkan lagi..
mengharapkan yg terbaik juga tidak cukup..
aku cuma berdoa akan mendapatkan lelaki yg bisa menggembirakan aku…


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

i decided to delete one of the blog.
guess i'm through with it..
nothing special more overthere..
i guess i'm tired of reading meaningless crap like those.haha
it's fine with me..
now i've to maintain this blog that i love so much..
every happy and sad story will be told here..
i'm finding myself the time to go back home to bintulu..
i miss my siblings, mom and nenek..
but..what i'm looking forward the most is to see my first niece..
they said she's looking like me..
well, i have to see her on my own to believe that..


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Finally boleh merileks kan diri dan memblog...
banyak gile kerjaan mggu ini..
tapi blum abis lagi..
masih ada smpai end of this month,.
by the way
hang nur dah mula membelog..
walaupun beliau kasar tapi hatinye lebeh jeweng dari aku..
aku lebih mengerti
walau beliau jauh di mata..
tapi dekat di telinga aku..
bingit gitu...
hang nur..
kalo tak faham ko cari sendiri...

Perihal Manusia

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

in this world
we can never predict wat wud happen in the future
we can never can satisfied all the people around us
we can never be wat the really want us to be
we can never pleased everyone..


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

i never handled an event and it become soooo disaster that i couldn't express it in words..
i felt that i have dissappointed the bosses,
i didnt balme my other colleague for the disaster,
but i personally believe that everything is alright,
we learnt the hard way,
it's ok.
but it's a total dissappoinment for me tho,
will do better in the future...


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

as i expected..
not everyone can accept the fact that i have changed..
oh well..
if they cant,
then i cant force them tho..
i admit it..
i'm making a mistake here..
but im not making your life difficult am i?
im making my life complicated..
but i got a reason to do that...
a reason that may not affect you in any way..
so, i just keep it to myself..
this entry is an explanation..
to people outside there,
that may not like whatever they are seeing..

orang misteri

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)
entri ini ditujukan khas untuk orang misteri yg selalu meninggalkan komen di blog aku... aku kira dia tidak mempunyai blog.. mungkin hanya sekadar mengikuti perkembangan di kedua2 blog aku.. siapa kau? dari segi penulisan nmpak macam org sabah.. lelaki...?kebarangkalian tu agak tggi... fad? kau ka? atau siapa lagi ya? minta perkenalkan diri ya... saya tidak menyimpan dendam terhadap sesiapa.

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

dalam hidup ni kita tak boleh nk kawal semua benda kita tak dapat nk puaskan hati semua pihak kadang2 kelakuan kita orang tak suka kadang2 kata2 kita orang tak berkenan nak buat cemane? dah kita macam tu naluri kita kdg2 salah memang selalunya salah pon tapi ada gak masenye naluri atau kata hati ni betul tapi yg salah tu la yg orang aim dulu.. ye tak? orang lain mungkin tak faham kenapa kita pilih jalan ni.. kenapa pilih jalan tu.. tak mengapa.. sendiri tahu tujuan nya kenapa. sendiri ingat baik atau buruknya jalan tu.. nanti belakang hari.. jangan salahkan org lain plak atas tindakan tak? aku..tgh menasihati diri sendiri ni.. kalu orang lain nk ambil iktibar, ikut suke korang la kan? yang penting hidup mesti mau ada tujuan.. kalau takde tujuan baik mati jer.. buat semak dunia jer korang tu..haha.. peace y'all..

motivation of life....

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

i dont have to be visible to make you know that i am exist
i dont have to be nice just to please you
i am what i am
i do what i want
i eat when i feel like to
i sleep when i need it
and i hope, so do you...
listen when people speak to you
listen when people criticize you
its ok..
people want you to improve
its ok
people want to save you
they all have good intention
they all have good things for you inside their minds
dont judge them from the way they judge you..
you can never knew what actually in their deepest mind..
live life as you like...
listen to others..
aware and appreciate others..
that's healthy...

malas bermalas-malasan.

original by cikjijah

hari ini adalah hari bermalas-malasan..
bos tiada...
mud kerja juga tiada..
mengeluh dalam hati pun bukan ada org yg dengar..
tapi...nk jugak...adoooooiiii...
mau pulang ke bintulu..
tapi...tak bleh plak....kerja hari sabtu membantutkan keinginanku untuk pulang ke kampung halaman yg dirindui..
bulan depan start full la my schedule...
its the recruitment session month...
bermula la keja seorg marketing officer...
lately banyak buat preparation untuk next 2 month ni...
so, bila dah bulan dpn ni nk menjelma, start la keje2 yg tak besh ni...
ape yg penting...bleh claim..yahuu....
haha...k.. i think sampai sini je kut entry,...
nanti update lain..ek..

Even if it's hurt

original by cikjijah

Even if I still have this feeling toward you,
I will just let it go,
Bcoz to me,
it is already over,
so, I do not have to think back bout it,
wateva had past behind,
I will definately let it go,
for good.

Even if I wanted you to explain bout it,
I rather go and silence,
will no turning back to you,
and demand for what I should know,
it's ok..
and it still will be.

Even if I feel hurt to know bout you now,
I just assume that this is the destiny,
that both of us have to face,
in order to live,
in this beautiful world own by HIM.

Even if I must move on,
I just want you to know,
that deep down inside me,
I respect you as my friend,
I forgive you for wateva suffer that i had before,
I am happy for you,
and I am glad that we meet
bcoz, you make me who I am today.
you made me stronger and tougher,
and i can say i'm kinder now...=)
less firm...
Thank you..
smile all the time ya..
coz it looks good on you.

new day has come

original by cikjijah
aku penat mengejar cecita yg masih jauh lagi di hadapan..
walau pun ada impian hidup ku yg telah termusnah..
ku masih menggagahkan kaki ku di sini..
untuk terus bertahan..
bertahan dengan cabaran dan dugaan..
baru ku benar2 mengerti erti hidup..
biar dalam tipu dusta..
aku gembira begini..
biarlah org nk kata apa..
aku masih tetap aku..
aku hanya berdiri di atas kaki sendiri
tidak mengharapkan belas kasihan yang lain..
aku juga gembira untuk kamu..
ya..mungkin kamu lagi sedang berbahagia di sana.
bersama cintamu yang baru..
aku doakan kau bahagia selalu..
mungkin aku bukan untukmu..
buat ibu yg dirindu...
serta ahli keluarga yg senantiasa bertakhta di hati..
aku juga rindu semuanya...
hati meronta2 ingin pulang..
namun kerna kerjaya dan kekangan ongkos...
ku postpone dulu ya..=)
entry ini biarlah berakhir di sini dulu..
lain waktu ku update lagi..

peluang kedua

original by cikjijah

diberi peluang kedua... dalam hidup.. kerjaya mahupun percintaan.. diharap.. kali ini.. semuanya berjalan seperti yg kuharap-harapkan. apa yg penting utk diriku kini... keredhaan dariNya kebahagian buat ibunda tercinta.. kesenangan dalam kehidupan.. itu saja...


original by cikjijah
yesh.. finally i got time to spend for blog again wat a waste of time kao de brodben kan senang tapi mls ah hahha well... now dh keje ngn eon berhad miri well i can say it's tough tapi mane2 keje pun same jer yg penting rajin n komited tol tak? gaji beasr2 pun idup tak bhgia watpe kan? so.. pelan2 saja...