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BJ2014 Brassballet | Borneo Jazz

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

The 3rd performer of Borneo Jazz 2014 is the Brassballet from Germany.

BRASSBALLETT is not just the name of a band, but a new musical genre.

Brassballett transforms musicians into dancers and the rehearsal room into a dance studio.

"The group’s musical repertoire covers a cross-section of genres from Jazz to Funk, and from Rock to Classical music. The musical arrangements are surprising and each performer has their own choreography for each song, based on the direction of group’s founder Wassilji Goron. Goron has also directed the Moscow Army Orchestra and has developed a great appreciation of the movements of military parade and March music. Brassballet fuses modern brass music with such styles of dance as hip-hop, salsa, tango and street dance." quoted from Imatra Big Band Festival 2013

oh I cant wait to dance to their music. looking forward for the eargasm this time. #excitedmuch

For more information on the band kindly visit their…

BJ2014 Vocal Sampling | Borneo Jazz

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

the Second performer of Borneo Jazz 2014, Vocal Sampling from Cuba. 

Vocal Sampling is a band where all the instruments are sung instead of played. In addition to the lead vocals and the background choruses, all the instruments of the Cuban orchestra are vocally reproduced: percussion, horns, keyboards, bass, and all the other instruments. There is no technical manipulation and no other instruments are used.

Another Acapella group, (oh that reminds me much of Slixs in 2012 from Germany) and last year the Nylons from Canada.

Cant really wait to watch these group perform (ala macam la kena invite kan?) Walau tak kena invite pon, will still buy the ticket. heee heee....

Visit their Fb page at

You can always google their youtube to check out. but not me. am not gonna do that. of STB, Suprise me.

BJ2014 Iriao | Borneo Jazz

BJ2014 Iriao | Borneo Jazz

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Introducing, the first performer of BorneoJazz 2014.. Iriao from Germany.
Iriao is Georgian ethno jazz band founded in Tbilisi, Georgia.  The artistic director and leader of the band is David Malazonia and its members are musicians with sound experience in various directions of music. This distinctive style of jazz is a respectable collaboration between jazz and ethno folk music and has been kindly appreciated around the globe. D. Malazonia can be regarded as one of the first composers who have initiated this particular direction of music in Georgia. Iriao’s distinct repertoire in overall is built on Georgian authentic folk ground, although its goal is not to modernize unique Georgian polyphony music (which has been broadly recognized by UNESCO as being a masterpiece of oral immaterial heritage) but to saturate and adorn it with jazz elements. This synthesis is well introduced by Mr. Malazonia thought his special experience an…

2014, post 1, Random

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

First post for 2014. yeay!!! Happy New Year all!!
Not really sure what to post tho.

I bet everyone have New Year resolutions. I have mine too..

But I would not share here. lol.. coz every time I said it out, it end up nothing. I mean nothing really change. So it is better for me to keep it silent. At least that makes you guys out there wondering right? or not? lol...

Anyway. It has been a while since I last celebrated New Year as a single lady. ouch... lol..
But I am happy to do so. Not sure about the other guy la. I hope he learn something. ok need to stop there =)

I just wish him all the best in his life. For all of you out there too..

May this year and years to come bring health and prosper to all of us. So we can stop complaining about life as a Malaysian. lol..

peace and out.