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Reyyanna's Eid Mubarak 2012

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

been wanting to post something about this year raya,
i dun feel like celebrating it to the max this year,
have cough and flu since day 1.
got fever 1 day before.
needing to get well soon, as i am the one who cook  pagi raya dishes...
mak depend on me soooo much...
its day 4. and im not done yet with my cough and flu...
thats why i dont feel like visiting my friend's house and even the neighbor's.
its day 4 of raya and its 9 months of me and nizam relationship.
relief that we both can survive up to this date.
well you know what they say about long distance relationship rite?
alot of things to sacrifice... yeah,...we sacrifice a etc..
this year raya,, it has been 6 years raya without abah,,
the sad feeling is now lessen i guess..
instead of grieving at abah's and nenek's cemetery we share our loves and hearts by praying.
nenek passed away last march. 11 days after i celebrated my 25th birthday.
me and my sis…

Holiday lah sangat

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

just came back to office after 1 week of holiday + 16 days of sick leave.
can you believe?almost a month rite?ya..almost..
anyway, 3 more days to cuti so happy.
suma persiapan raya dah ready. cume tinggal beli baju eah je lagi.
sudah betul nk cari baru rona coklet yg menarik.
ade yg bkenan tapi takut eah tak nak pulak.
hari jemat sebelum balik akan tengok2 mane yg bkenan lagi.mane tau last minit punye brg.
anyway..nk cite sal sakit hari tu..

pengalaman yg paling tak dapat dilupe.
1st week of puasa, i go back to hometown. saje2 amik cuti. nk puase ngn family.
then on 26th july i go back miri. a day before that.. i notice one small lump growing at the left of my genital area.
at first it does not cause me much pain. but when it started to grow bigger it causes more pain than ever.
i usually have this small lump after or during my period time. but this one, never has it pain like this one.
so i decided, when i get back to miri i will see a do…