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This is our story

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

now here is another story,

you can say that i am a playgirl or humanizer ..

but i didnt choose for that..

i always keep my faith to a particular man..

but every time i was been let down..

i didnt choose to move on so quickly..

but this one man come at the time i really need somebody to talk to..

nothing personal to that..

he's just a friend that i adore when i was in my teenage age..

i always have feeling on him..

but ya...he was always taken...

every time i tried to talk or chat with him,

he will treat me as his friend..

and that's good..

that just show how much he love his girl..

and always salute that.. i know he is a loyal person..

that's why i didnt dare to court him..

that just me..i didnt take or flirt someone's belonging...

and.. i move on...trying to find someone else...

until one day, it was confirm that he is single...

i started a chat with him...

and in 1 day..he fall for me?really?

i was like adoring him from past what, 13 y…
by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

lets talk bout something general...

like attitude management..

well, to be brief, attitude can be divide into 2.

works and personal..

in works, always we heard to have positive attitude..

yah..that's easy when you work in new company,

but when you worked for so long in the same company,

sooner or later you would felt bored and started to have the negative attitude problem,

every little things people do or done, you felt mad about it..

there is nothing wrong if we are having this attitude actually,

ya, i agreed to that because, its just the time for you to move one to another good company,

which may be bigger that the current,

dont you think?

the other attitude management is the personal one.

this one, depend on individu..

some may be a bit hard to change..

some are adjustable..

positive or not,

both have advantages and disadvantages..

of course the advantages would be different depend on person..

well, for me..

im very acceptable person...

i am honest with my feeling and …

the decision

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

now that i have decided this way..
there is no way for you to enter back..
ya..i really mean it..
coz i'm tired now..
too tired to argue..
u agreed but broke the agreement...
now that we come to this day..
i hope you understand..
i was hurt..
hurt too much..
you knew how much i was been hurt before..
now you have done the same..
and i hope you understand why i made this decision..
i would not wait for you anymore..
and that's final..
allow me to sleep peacefully after this..
lots of love...

silap aku...

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

dan kini aku terfikir..
mungkin aku yg tersilap di sini
menginginkan lelaki yg faham segala segi diri ini
sedangkan aku tak fahami isi hati mereka..
mungkin aku yg tersilap..
kerana terlalu mementingkan hubungan ini..
ya...karna aku takut..
takut diriku bersendirian...
aku jadi malas..
bila jejaka yg aku inginkan ada saja kurangnya..
bukan dari segi fizikal..
tapi komitmen..
cuma itu yg ku mahu..
tapi bersediakah mereka..
telah ku tanya dahulu berkenaan dengan itu,,..
awalannya...memang terjawab dgn begitu gah,,
namun pada akhirnya...
sma juga...
mungkin aku yang salah..
menginginkan yg sempurna dari yang tak sempurna..
mungkin aku yang salah..

kekecewaan hari ini....

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

dan karena inilah aku ...
seorang wanita..
menutup hatiku untuk kaum lelaki..
kali ini lebih sakit...
kerana tiada air mata lagi yg bisa ku tangiskan untuk dia..
kenapa harus aku yang ditimpa kesakitan ini...
sudah muak untuk aku fikirkan tentang ini..
biar masa saja menyembuh segala...