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Parenthood and I

Date: 22nd Mar 2017 I woke up early at dawn to perform Subh prayer. While praying, I noticed a small burst down my vagina and i thought OMAIIIIIGOOOOODDDDD this is itttt!!! My water broke abit. Then another little burst. After the prayer I told my mom. She panicked and told to pack all up and go to hospital. I quickly took a bath and have some light meal. Called my husband that basically on travel in Sibu that day. He jumped off his bed and took a bus back to Bintulu. By 7am he was on his way back. Reached hospital and the inspection begin. It was a little bit complicated than expected coz I've done my antenatal check up in panel clinic in Miri and few in Bintulu but then I decided to go for delivery at General Hospital. The previous clinic check up I did not do or took any 'sugar water' (I dont know what they call it in English basically Air gula in Malay) to check whether I am having any diabetes or not. My baby was bigger than expected when the first doctor scanned my…