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blackberry with love & work work work

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

I sent my old bb to my dear nigem.
so now i can use bbm with my dearest bf. lol
well, he is still in the phase of learning how to use the bb
its not that hard i can say
well, he said he bought me something.
and he sent it today (after i persuade him to) lol...
well, he love me i know he will listen anyway...

owh. btw, this week till monday gonna be hectic plus im having this course on Thursday bout officers in action thingy. organized by our HR department.
hope i learn something there.
anyway...why i said it will be hectic... by 330 pm today i have to rush back home and be at Marriot by 5.00pm. we have Award & scholarship ceremony. and tomorrow start at 7.30am til 5pm for our graduation ceremony at campus.. awesome?
you think?lol...
ok. enough about me. i heading for lunch with felicious...=)
have a nice Friday everyone!!
tomorrow?is just another day. can ?



by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

 perasaan memang nk post something kat blog.
sambil layan lagu Somebody that i used to know by Gotye aku mula menaip...
update my musix box last 2 banget lagu ku skrg..
anyway..lately, sering teringat lelaki itu. aduh...
berperang dengan jiwa pulak sekarang ni...
jgn2..plis jgn la dtg lagi dlm mimpi2 aku..
pay day... byk yg harus ku byr...tolak molak sume...
tggl sikit je untuk tabungan n belanja...
connection internet yg slow membantutkan proses membyr hutg secara online...aggghhh...
haruskah pada waktu2 begini connection nya slow...?
lagu Rumor has it baru saja melarakan jiwaku...
yeah..Party like animal pulak...
yeehuuu.....maseh lagi bersabar mghadapi koneksi yg slow..
haruskah pada saat ini?
ok. i am done with posting. lol..
walaupun pada hakikatnya takda yg best pun nk d post..cuma tangan gatal nk menaip...
have a nice payday everyone!

healthy lifestyle

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

This year our CRC club has imposed a healthy lifestyle at our campus,
which is great for people like me who seldomly goes for any kind of sports or recreational activity,
not that i dont wanna be healthy but i just dont have time due to the fact that we Marketing people need to do be here and there to promote our University. you get what i mean. when we finally settle down from all of that hustle, we just need time to rest. (ada saja alasan kan?)
anyway, yesterday we ( me, pet, hani, fabian and kak lin) have a great time playing badminton. lol..
sound of the rec hall...
more happening than a tournament
at least we loose some calories. right?
ok..later that night i have a very goodnight sleep and woke up at 8.30 am this morning. lol..
feeling fresh y'all..
think i need to this often...
anyway looking forward for the next exercise / rec activities.

happy lifestyle everybody!


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

 Last night me, Petrus,Fabian (Petrus Friend), Kak Lin and BeJay went for a tweetUpMiri at KFCK. people ouside there who dunno wat is KFCK it is stands for Kinky Fat Chef Kitchen.
 i didnt took any pic last nite.
but our new friend Abg Joe , he did took some pictha and vid which you can view here .
anyway, we have fun meeting new friends and some of us have this idea of doing a bigger tweetUpMiri things here ini Miri.
Well, it should be a big event next time we meet up. Hope this idea can be done in the near future.
BTW, that is actually my first time went to KFCK. i heard people say the burgers are totally delicious since 2010. Yes indeed. but guess what? KFCK was first operate on that particular year. this year, they only have been 3 yrs. that is awesome right.
anyway, we got lost on our way there. thanks to Petrus la...bring us the wrong way. but least we end up at that place. Finally my curiosity and craving for the burger can be fulfilled.…

no call = no mood

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

hmm...where to start?
evrytime i could not have a good nite call from him i will go 'crazy'
even tho i was damn tired last nite, i still need to hear his voice before i went to sleep..
but, last nite i couldn't..he was away to fetch and sent his friend back from hometown...
oh well...i cant say that i am mad rite? its just, my time with him was like 'kurg" la...
malas la nk gadoh bende2 kecik yela.. mmg hilang trus mud nk sms ke call ke..
ntah..bnde2 kecik cmni la yg bhya...tak bgtau mane pegi pe sume..
mmg nmpk cm tak penting...its not that i want to follow ke nk kongkong
just for the sake of knowing tu je...kalau tu ssh sgt.xpe la..wont ask anymore la kan...


weird dream

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

last night i had this dream bout this one guy that i have relationship with him before...
it is weird dream but i simply like it.
may be i missed him.i dunno..the feeling just came all of a sudden.
if i were to put his initial, people would know..but..i keep it to myself..=)
it has been 2 years since we moved on. i hope he's doing well over there.
heard few stories from my mak..bout him..owh wel.. i just hope he's ok..
why? i dream of happy things with him..idk..dont ask me..
some people said, we dream of people we missed. and some people said that we dream bout things we are afraid of. i dunno...maybe..but if he were to come back to me, will he accept the way i am changed now?i bet now, we are like 'langit dan bumi'....=)
well..that's ok..i didnt put any hope on him anymore. i am satisfied with what i have now..
nizam has completed me. he give me what i want. that's all that matter..


4 times in 4 months

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

sent my baby love Nizam back this morning.
spent the whole time together..
in 4 months, we met 4 times.
lol..only this time i didnt spent a nice is that?
owh. started to miss him already...
just passed 3 hours when i last saw him this morning...byy..i miss you already...
i cooked for him for the past 3 days.. i hope he miss my cooking..
i started to feel like we have the most similarities compare to my other exes..
oh well...they are not meant for me tho..that's y God sent this man to me..
the reason why i tell we have the most similarities is that,
i hate going out..not that i dont want to spent my money too much,
i just like staying at home and watch do him..
i hate shopping but i will go for it once a while ... and i will come back after 1 do him..
and we both will sit for a while then, we walk again , and sit again until we decide to go back home.
i only eat few selected do him..
we eat what we think we wanna eat..and when we…

English Day in Marketing Team

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

it was announce today will remark as our English day for Marketing Team
it's kinda funny the punishment to people who speak other language amongst the colleague is that they will stick a yellow pad paper to your cloth just to remark that you have spoken other language apart from English. =)

have fun talking in English Everyone. its good for Communication improvement.