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not so controversial. but why?

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

can you guys see that?
my post has never reach 500 view a day!!!
what more to say a thousand.
and the mentioned post is not even controversial. lol to that.
am still in a shock mode here guys..
can even believe what am seeing right now.
yeahh.. am happy. but at the same time curious.

till me next post.

a glance of the past post

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

glancing to my early post in 2009..
i feel guilty suddenly.
i feel frustrated to myself.
i feel naive.
i feel awkward.
few names commented my post. names like nurul. lizi. yani. sarah. rosly. mala...
jay2. =)
owh ya. forgot to tell you guys. he's married. in last march.. =)
he is  a great guy. am sure she is a lucky women.
anyway.. time passes. i cant rewind anything in the past right.
what i have now is what i should embrace.
yes, i slip on my way to pursue happiness.
i was wrong. i am wrong.. i am still wrong. i know.
but. my mission is still not complete. yet.
i will be there. soon.
i did give a thought about it.
pray for me ya. amiinn...

Tomyam pertama yg menjadi.

So..... i promise my uni friend Nurul to blog about keberjayaan diriku memasak tomyam. Ok well i promise to share the goes.. Tomyam for two.
2-3 ulas bawang putih diketuk
Satu biji bawang besar dhiris
1 inci lengkuas diketuk
2 batang serai diketuk
3 biji bwg merah di blend
4 biji cili kering di blend
2 biji tomato di blend
2 biji tomato di potong 4.
Sayur depend ngn pilihan sendiri
Boleh letak kobis bunga n lobak merah.
Beberapa helai daun limau kasturi
4 biji limau kasturi (perah jusnya)
Sedikit air asam jawa. (Byk kalau nk masam lagi)
2 biji cili atau lebih. Ikut cita rasa sendiri secubit belacan
Sedikit garam and ajinomoto dan air
sedikit minyak
Ayam/dgg/udang/fishball/sotong Cara2; Blend tomato, cili kering + bwg merah dgn sedikit air.
Tumis bwg putih smpi naik bau wangi.
Masukkan bahan2 yg telah diblend tadi bersama secubit belacan.
Biar sampai mendidih sikit,then letaklah suma bhn yg dihiris dan diketuk tadi. Air limau + air  asam jawa
Then boleh la masukkan la…

Professional Staff Writing Placement Assessment

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

So i register myself to an English Course organized by the Learning Centre last few weeks.
received an email this morning, to write and essay of 300-350 words.

here is the instruction.