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Burger Kukus Ngap Sayotters

I bet, not all of you in Miri knows about the existence of this Burger kukus right? Owned buy 3 Malay guys, they started this business i think around October if i am not mistaken. one of them is my schoolmate. we all called him Midon. well now that he had this burger business, he called himself McDon. =)

Why burger kukus? am not sure. I never interviewed them personally. lol.. all I know that these burger cooked without butter or oil... I guess, it should be healthy right? something new is it not?

the Menu? hmm.. basically they have similar menu like any other burger stall. things that made they different a bit from others, is how they prepared the burger and the sauce. you have to go there to see it for yourself.

I personally like the home made beef burger... cost me around RM5.50 without cheese. next on my list would be the home made chicken burger..

well they also offer Ramly beef and chicken burger tho. Hotdog burger as well...

oh ya.. almost forgot. they located nea…

2014 resolutions and 2013 review

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

What have I accomplished this year?

Am not really sure eh. well, if its work related I think only 50% was achieved. I have to say, am a slow progressor. lol.. or maybe the proper word would be malas. Gonna improved the quality of work. Have to improve my laziness too. Jia you Rihanna.

Anyway,. a lot of drama have happen this year. A lot of things improved and aim bless with people who never get tired of my silliness and emotional me.

My makan buddy, kak leen (bukan nama sebenar), Pet, Ian, Lesta and Boi Lolen but now sudah tukar gegel, my cabbage head paling awesome gf, my colleagues yang gila2 ( Phebe, Eva, Debbie, Klaus Boss, Simon, Hui Nee Abg Mansor, Zhungyi, NJ, Hadi, Michelle and Nick Lau) and not forgetting the most 'triangulate' boss. Boss Nick Ching, new friends (Shirlin, Shandra, Lessie an etc ) , old friends (yg jauh dan dekat), schoolmates that always ask sarcastic questions (Zen, Mantem, Mcdon, Mader, Nizam, Usup, Krol and newly r…

Calling for Volunteers for RWMF 2014, Borneo Jazz 2014 and Asia Music Festival 2014

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Registration is now open for the Rainforest World Music Festival, Borneo Jazz and Asia Music Festival 2014 volunteer programme.

I am sure a lot of people are anxiously waiting for these 3 great events every year. Some may want to be part of it and some may just want to enjoy the great music that every year STB bring us for.

I myself could not help to be in the Borneo Jazz 2014 and Asia Music Festival. Of course  part of the reason why only these two is because it is in Miri where I work and live.

For those of you who are interested to be music instruments shleppers or liaison officer for the performing artist can just register respectively on RWMF website at RWMF2014, Borneo Jazz website BJF2014 and Asia Music Festival Website AMF2014. This is only the application process where those interested in taking part are registered, while the successful applicants will later be notified via email or telephone.

The festival organizer will provide T-shirts to be…