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stereotyping people VS the fact

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Why must people stereotyping one another?
let me just share you a story happen to me.
there are these 2 boys, who sit at our new counseling area.
i approached them, and asked politely.
"hi, how can i help you?"
and they actually discussing about the Uni ranking.
so they asked me which ranking are we using.
and i answered we are using the QS world ranking. as at 2012.
the boy asked again. so which kind of counseling are you guys providing us? what if we have problem in our study?
i answered, its for the new students. we are the marketing people.
and he added  'so you guys dont care about students feeling?' all you guys care is how to make money?
And i said to him. well, if you need help or you have problem in your study you can always approach the student and staff affairs department.
and his friend was like "he is kidding only" and i replied "yes, i knew."
well, i just wanna share how stereotype people can be towar…


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

it has been a while since my last post.
thinking of sharing  my thought with all of you today..
not sure what would come out from my head for the next sentences..
been busy lately with non stop recruitment sessions and fair..
only now i can relax a bit and sit down here to post..
i actually cant believe 2013 would be my 4th year with Curtin. but i am only been a permanent staff on Nov 2011 onwards.
And this Apr would be my first year to receive bonus from Curtin. i am grateful for it. to me it is actually token of appreciation from last 1.5 years performance. think i did well enough. =)

this year i would target for Excellence. last year i didnt reached the whole year target.
this year, i manage to reached the 1st semester target. let's hope for the same thing for 2nd Semester ya ... Amin.

Anyway, amongst the achievement this year is having Shahrulnizam as my bf... well, why i said that is because, from the day we started with each other, we were 0. …