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Eventho my schedule is tight, i managed to scooch of some to bring them jalan2 at night time. Places like. Pasar malam. Emart. Permy mall. 3 days back to back, come back from work, shower a bit, then drove off. Fetch them jalan2. Then eat dinner then send them back to hotel. Then i go back all the way to senadin. Reason why i placed them at hotel rather than my places is that, they would feel bored there waiting for me. Might as well they just stay at parkson nearby hotel. Perhaps they chose the wrong week to come. Well i ustd why,  but my workplace is not my father's. I cant just simply on leave right. Anyhow, i hope they enjoy their stay in Miri. The best part of it, we (curtin staff) are going back at 3pm today. Wee huu. So i may have a little bit of time to bring them jalan again but dunno to where yet...Some pictures taken in emart n permy mall.

Persediaan menghantar litte Jedun (annoying little sister) ke Uitm Melaka

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

hey hey hey,
here is a good news, well for me and maybe my family la,
our little sister Wajihah received offer from uitm to continue study in Diploma of Communication & Media,
she attended one interview before in Kuching, (spmewhere around april i guess)
with the little help from me and big help from le bf, she manage to go to the interview on that day. it was rush,
but Alhamdulillah she got it in the end.
well, to shorten the story, uitm gave her offer to UiTM Alor Gajah Melaka.