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Puasa bertiga. Raya bertiga.

Alhamdulillah. Tahun ini Allah bagi kesempatan kepada keluarga kecil kami untuk menyambut Ramadhan dan Syawal bersama Izaac.Tahun lepas berdua je. Syukur tahun ni bertiga. Tak sangka betul. Allah Maha Pemurah. Allah pemberi rezeki. Alhamdulillah.Hari ini puasa ke 7. Alhamdulillah Izaac dah 2bulan lebih. Kuat betul menyusu. Berat pun dh hampir 6kg. Syukur walaupun berpuasa susu badan masih ok. Malah bertambah banyak dari tak puasa. Biskut raya dan kek tak buat lagi. InshaAllah final week puasa baru start buat. Biar fresh sikit. Raya tahun ni kami plan nk bermalam di kpg jepak. Kasi can la cucu pertama tok abah dan nek abah dia. Hehehe.. Syukur. Walaupun dah bekerja lagi tak rasa boring duduk rumah. Sebab dengan Izaac ada saja benda yang nak dibuat.

Parenthood and I

Date: 22nd Mar 2017 I woke up early at dawn to perform Subh prayer. While praying, I noticed a small burst down my vagina and i thought OMAIIIIIGOOOOODDDDD this is itttt!!! My water broke abit. Then another little burst. After the prayer I told my mom. She panicked and told to pack all up and go to hospital. I quickly took a bath and have some light meal. Called my husband that basically on travel in Sibu that day. He jumped off his bed and took a bus back to Bintulu. By 7am he was on his way back. Reached hospital and the inspection begin. It was a little bit complicated than expected coz I've done my antenatal check up in panel clinic in Miri and few in Bintulu but then I decided to go for delivery at General Hospital. The previous clinic check up I did not do or took any 'sugar water' (I dont know what they call it in English basically Air gula in Malay) to check whether I am having any diabetes or not. My baby was bigger than expected when the first doctor scanned my…


by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

It has been a while since my last post. The journey on becoming a mother is getting 'heavier' each day. Lol
But am going to just embrace these moments. Finally I have decided where I will be after the delivery of this child. Oh I haven't share the baby gender am I right? It's a boy. Yay! #teambabyboy

2 more months to got before we get to see Azrol Jr. I can't wait. Huhu So does my husband. He is going to be the grandparents favourite grandchild. The first one on my husband side. 😬 And the first    grandson from my side.

A lot to prepare and am getting more and more excited. Almaklumla first time parent katenye. Kasi can la.

Turning 30 this year 😱😱😱😱 and not sure if that is something to be looking forward to lol.
Happy New Year all! May this year bring more happiness andh health to all of us!