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Sabah vacation with favourite people

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Updates updates...

For the second tome of this year I went off to Sabah just a week before the earthquake struck Sabah. #prayforsabah

Sabah is always a beautiful place to come for holiday or vacation.

3rd time to Pulau Sapi, we decided to try the longest Zipline in the world. I can tell you that was the shortest second of my life. I kinda hope it last longer. lol.. it was superb. I can imagine myself coming back to Sapi Island to do it one more time.

Apart from Zipline activity, my friends decided to go for Flying Fish. call me a coward, I would never ever , I repeat never ever do it. Even the boat guy offered it free for me. I was screaming my ass to him saying I dont want. lol. Imagine the boat is flying high and fast, and you need to hold on to the handle till you feel tired and you were thrown into the middle of the sea. HECK NO PLEASE. lol

I dont care, call me chicken or a coward call me whatever you like. once a NO, always a NO NO...

The next day,…