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Updates: me, Africa, Belaga, car and works.

Hey, Whenever there is update here there will be a lot of photos with it. I love photo taking however the quality is not that impressive tho. Just as something that I can share with viewers outside there. Now I am proud to tell you that I have been to Africa. Went there just last 2 weeks and came back last week. Africa is a big continent. So to be exact I went to Zimbabwe to attend an education fair and recruitment event. Before I off to Zimbabwe, me and my colleague had a little gathering. Doa selamat katenye. Lol. But yeah we had a fun time together. Nothing I want the most at that point of time. A bunch of colleague that I can call family. Apart from that, there are places in Sarawak itself that I have never been to. So this time I have the chance to visit Belaga with awesome bunch of people from other university and company. Again, to attend a techincal education carnival. Further updates is on my car interior and exterior. Ahaaa.. my friend helped me to spray my car's inte…