Holiday lah sangat

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

just came back to office after 1 week of holiday + 16 days of sick leave.
can you believe?almost a month rite?ya..almost..
anyway, 3 more days to cuti so happy.
suma persiapan raya dah ready. cume tinggal beli baju eah je lagi.
sudah betul nk cari baru rona coklet yg menarik.
ade yg bkenan tapi takut eah tak nak pulak.
hari jemat sebelum balik akan tengok2 mane yg bkenan lagi.mane tau last minit punye brg.
anyway..nk cite sal sakit hari tu..

pengalaman yg paling tak dapat dilupe.
1st week of puasa, i go back to hometown. saje2 amik cuti. nk puase ngn family.
then on 26th july i go back miri. a day before that.. i notice one small lump growing at the left of my genital area.
at first it does not cause me much pain. but when it started to grow bigger it causes more pain than ever.
i usually have this small lump after or during my period time. but this one, never has it pain like this one.
so i decided, when i get back to miri i will see a doctor.
so i went to Klinik Harmoni for check up.
doctor done a review on my genital and give me antibiotic and reduce inflam pills. she said after 5 days come back and see her. if its getting worst she will refer to a gynae.
being a straight naive women. i go back and started to take the medicine accordingly.
HOWEVER.. oh ya..its a big however..the 'thing' getting worst..
during my pain day...i manage to do some research on this 'lump'..
i tot it was a bartholin cyst infection view here if you want to know more on this matter. (strictly 18sx)
well..on the day that i was suppose to meet the doctor again, i couldnt stand  my self already..
ythe paiin was too much and it eat up all my sleeping time.
i could not sleep well. i've cried every night for the past 6 days.
so i bbm kak leen(bukan nama sebenar).. asking her whether she can help sending me to the hospital at 4am in the morning.
and she replied. i was thankful to God. so we went to the hospital on 30th July (i am still fasting that day)
i didnt took any sahur. my last meal was the buka puasa on 29th july.
when we arrived at the hospital, i got admitted. as expected.
at first the doctor said i might undergo minor surgery on the next day.
God, the pain does not go away even after the give me a pain killer thru my blood line. (the blood line needle was big and ouchy..huhu) anyway i got two needle sticking thru my vein.
5.30pm. as i was trying to sleep peacefully, the nurse woke me up and ask me to change cloth.
she said im going for an operation.
i was blur at first. crying cause in could not stand the pain.
the doctor was nice. they give me info on this and that.
ask me to calm down. and everything..
to tell you the truth. this is my first surgery. as the doctor called them incision.
it might not be big but still a surgery right?the doctor inject 3 time thru my spine. can you imagine the pain?as they could not locate my spine correctly. but after they inject the 'thing' pain gone. and i was happy.
i was too sleepy and asked the doctor if i can
i was sleeping the whole time. when they finish, i sleep again.
i can even hear my self snoring. yes. i was exhausted.
now i can sleep happily.
owh btw, the doctor put an urine tube thru know what..
it was bleeding but not that much. the pus naturally drain and i need to wear a pantyliner.
doctor gave me 16 days of leave.
back home. i felt dizzy all over. consult with 2 of my doctor friends and they say its normal. the second day at home i vomit. only then i feel ok. still the dizziness wouldnt go away. so i decided not to puasa.
now. 15th Aug, i am back to office.i feel great.
to think back of what i endure the past 2 weeks, i cried.
think this is just God's test on me. i am thankful to God that the pain has gone.,
btw. according to the doctor its not Bartholin Cyst, but a Labial Abscess. check yourself to know more. ok.
anyway i asked the doctor how to prevent this thing to not happen again.
well the doctor said just keep it clean . =)
dont use the feminin hygiene too often. just wash with water or wipe with tissue.
ok girls and women outside there. if you feel like getting any lump or swollen at your genital area  please quickly get doctor's consultation. ok.

till me next post.


Adi Herman said…
Aiyo tedah juak nangga kitak...when u mention surgery,terus mek ingat masa my wife deliver our baby lok....kenak operate...Allah ajak tauk rasa hati masa ya...
Rayyanna Ejam said…
ya la...sakit sgt. kali kurg siksit dr org brnak la kali..
sheryzan said…
omg yan, how come kmk just tauk ktk undergone surgery, even minor, kmk yg nebes baca. Ktk cta gik klak mun da masa jmpa ktk k, mun ktk da travel g kl boh lupak aaa roger kmk..
Rayyanna Ejam said…
ok boleh bisa. anyway..bila ktk nk dtg miri tok?bkn ktk ada dtg ria ka? pa x roger kmk?

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