Surprise Birthday present ever for Hubby

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

Mind you,  i just came back from Zimbabwe on Tue (2nd Aug) and it was super super hectic schedule when i was there. Almost everyday we went back at night time and departing very early in the morning. i have to sleep at Dubai  airport for one night. I have to tell you,  i hate Dubai airport. It never sleeps.

Coming back i have to spent one more night at KL before departing back to Miri. Hectic it is. Very the.

So,  on the 6th of Aug,  my beloved husband celebrated his 32nd birthday.  And I was 2 weeks late for my period.

We did plan to check on 6th Aug morning. he came to Miri that night using bus. And i went to fetch him. Earlier that day,  i went to pharmacy after work and bought 2 pregnancy test cassette. And i also changed my gas since i have run out of it.

I carried and empty tong and after i changed them at retail store,  i went back home and carry back inside the house. (Iklan)

So on the next morning,  before i shower i took my urine and test. Put it aside and shower. I didnt see the result immediately.

Done with my shower,  i pray fajr and waited for my husband to finish his shower.

He came out from the toilet and asked me, what is the result? I said i havent checked. I waited for you. i wanted us to see it together. And he grabbed the test cassette and smile. And look at the result behind the packet and his smiles getting wider. I asked, is it two line or one line?' He showed me but i can't  see it clearly as i didnt wear my spec. So i said one line is it? Itsokay.

He said no la. Its 2. And i was like  REALLY??????... and then he said. I am so happy baby. This is the best birthday present ever! ever!  Thank you baby. I cried that morning. I was happy myself. The next day we went to Clinic to check how old is our baby now. Apparently it is now in it's 6 weeks.

Welcome to the world lil one. In this particular week,  it is as big as sweet peas.

Alhamdulillah for this. Thank you allah for hearing our prayer. Thank you Allah for this rizki.


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