The kind of man that I married to

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)

I can't sleep so I thought of posting this up. I seldom brag about it but I am actually proud of it.

When I first decided to get married with this man, I didn't expect my life would be that colorful knowing that this man that I knew is a very quiet and mysterious type.

But God knows better. I couldn't wish for a better husband. He is the one that I needed. That meant for me.

Lately when we are together, be it when he come to Miri to visit me or me going back to Bintulu for long holiday, he will take his phone whenever he got chances and take photos of us.

Even if I look like a seal or sea lion, he would say, baby cantik. And I would reply,  no la, am just ordinary.

To be honest the photos of us that he took, the only one look nice and handsome is him. I would look like dugong. Doesn't matter what pose I did, eating, lying down, watching movie (most of the time is running man) he will snap 'em silently.

When he got caught I ask, why you took so many photos of me look like that? And he will reply 'so I can look at them every time I misses you'.

Sweet or not? Like sugar honey coated caramel popcorn. Lol.

Now that I am pregnant, always ask me whether am hungry or not. Whether I am ok or not.

And if I am going back to Bintulu, he will come to Miri first by bus, and accompany me back to Bintulu. And if  am going back to Miri he will do the same thing.

When I say don't do those kinda stuff to me, treat me like queen and princess and he will be like, 'no, I must do these, because you are my wife'. Stubborn in his way.

This is the kind of man that I am married to. Thank you Allah.


Adi Herman said…
lamak x ngabas blog kitak. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki kitakduak husband sentiasa Amin.
Reyyanna said…
Terima kAsih bang Adi. salu ngga update ktk d FB..

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