satu permulaan beginning for me (yan)..i hope dat wats ended at the end of last year wud be totally end..
coz i think i had beginning,.?need to find work..da xsggp dok kat umah saja xwat pa..except masak memasak.hihi..i know it must have been my work since im ank dara..but i believe i have potential in making other things..i dunno..i just need an opprtunity to prove dat,..but..till now..nah..hope tomorrow bring gud news to me..

well..starting dis blog..its a new beginning also..since i deleted my fs, ive no blog to post all my stories...i dunno if people wanna read this..but i keep my finger cross..hihi..its juz a umpat mengumpat k..dose.cek xmaw..huhuh...

well...since im new..i wud like to welcome all of u out there to read upon my simple blog... yan..u can call me a gal..not yet a women.otw..hihi..dia year im 22...not yet..also otw.. i enjoy in me?RnB n pop..balada also can else?
i believe im a friendly totally friendly..except to my siblings.aha...coz they juz cannot be spoilt man..takin advantages on me...

well.i have few close friends..eventho theyre apart but still they live inside my heart..
o? y english?well i prefer to express my stories in english..coz my BM is very2 poor..ask my fren spm cud explain dat also..haha..
i kinda spoilt galfren to man dat cud live wit it are welcome so much except dat im currently not opening my heart to any one.ahah...(lying)..haha..well..bohong sunat xpe..
im unavailable.dats it..
hm?wat else?im second from 7 siblings..i have abg, 3 lil bros and 2 spoilt brat sis.haha..
ive lost my dad 2007 its aug..kinda tragic coz it happen so fast n im the last person to arrive home..but still..i have mak n nenek..nenek masih kuat o..haha..wpun umor sudah lebih 80..Alhamdulillah..Allah masih memberikan ksihatan terhadap nenekku..i lep u nek...
wat else? family?hm..maybe next tyme i cud story dat to u...
harap sgt satu hari nti..dpt jumpa dia.tu je..daaa y'aall..thanks for spending ur tyme reading dis crap.haha..


Anonymous said…
i do enjoy your blog sumhow since you wrote in fs. takziah k atas tradegi 2007 ya.. suddenly, all of my emotion changed after reading the last part. satu permulaan kepada satu kehidupan yang lebih baik.
w digby said…
fuwah zen dah dolok dari aku. hehe welcome to the world of blogging , cuz!
cik dyan said…
wanie ka?hahah...yhanks y'all..hey..y dun u guys put ur blog url also after comment so i wud visit urs too..
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