a letter to heaven

by RihanNa (bukan Nama Sebenar)
 Dear Abah,

it has been 6 years since you passed away,
and i am still missing you hard each day,
i cant cry, i dunno why,
perhaps, i grew stronger each day,
now that we have 2 more new people (Rania and Nina)  in the family,
it does feel like our family are complete again even after you and nenek 'went away',
i miss you and nenek so much, abah,
suddenly i feel like crying because i truely miss you,
i was hoping that you would be the wali when i finally get married,
but now it's only in my dream,
it's hurt to think about that day, but we have to move on right?we have to.
mak is happy now, me and maden is currently working,
abang is on and off to sea, Rania is growing up, she's too cute,
how i wish you can see you granddaughter.
how i wish you can see mine too. maybe in 2-3 years time. =) hopefully.or maybe 4 years time.lol.
anyway, all of us are growing mature and taller. Lilut's shoe size is bigger than mine now.
can you believe?
oh how time flies.6 years..6 years of tears and laughter. or should i say laughtears?
anyway, i hope you are doing fine there. rest in peace abah and nenek.
we all miss you a lot. we all do. even Rania, i know she is missing nenek too.

Abah, you are alaways on my mind and my forever role model,
i may grew up not exactly like what mak and you wish me to.
but i have grown mature enough to understand that life is not easy,
and you need to work hard to get what you want,
i never fail to give mak pocket money yet, i hope i can continue this even after i got married.
i know she needed me too much,
when i think about it, i can be selfish by then cause i may have my own family.
but i would not neglect them or mak just like that,
but when i think too much about it, i might not get married tho,
cause i cant neglect them or mak. i dont have the courage yet to be away from them,
to let them stand by themselves, they need me,
6 years of Raya Aidilfitri celebration, i have been the chef, and supervisor for our general cleaning when Raya is coming near,
i am proud of that, =) i hope you too.
ah..this letter is long enough to tell you our stories about us down here. and my tears is  almost drop.
i should stop here Abah,
till next time. we shall meet at afterlife. we will. i pray you and nenek will always be near to HIM.

your daughter who are currently missing you,


Adi Herman said…
Be brave dear,sentiasa berdoa agar Allah mencucuri roh beliau dgn rahmatNya...in certain way,i kinda proud to see u persevere and get through this emotions in more mature manner...
Rayyanna Ejam said…
harus bah bang Adi. mun x sapa gik nk d harap?as the elder sister i have no options. mun tunjok lemah depan adik2 sapa gik mok berik kekuatan n smgt nk?tol x?
Adi Herman said…
true...all is well that ends well...pengalaman mematangkan kita

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